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  • Israeli rights to Annabel Lyon’s recreation of the relationship between Aristotle and Alexander the Great, THE GOLDEN MEAN, have gone to Modan Publishers via Ilana Kurshan of the Deborah Harris Agency on behalf of The Bukowski Agency, bringing the total number of territories sold to 15.
  • Here a great review from the UK about Vera trilogy, by Elizabeth Jolley.
  • Annabel Lyon in the Guardian and the Boston Globe .
  • Serbian rights to Annabel Lyon’s recreation of the relationship between Aristotle and Alexander the Great, THE GOLDEN MEAN, have gone to Alnari Publishers, bringing the total number of territories sold to 14. Rights previously sold in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Taiwan, Turkey, Finland, Greece and Holland.
  • Betsy Tobin's fabulous new novel CRIMSON CHINA now has a website. It looks great and I think it might be useful for those publishers considering this book as it really sets out a lot of the context.
  • Terrific NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW of BARNACLE LOVE by Anthony De Sa. It leads the Fiction Chronicle for Sunday Sept. 26:“De Sa’s linked stories offer a double bildungsroman. In 1954, at the age of 20, Manuel Rebelo abandons his boring job at an Azores bank in favor of the risky life of a cod fisherman and a grandiose dream of escape. Rescued from the sea off the coast of Newfoundland by a fur trapper, Manuel becomes involved with the man’s daughter, is betrayed by her and then abandons her. Years later, he and the new family he has started in Toronto pay a return visit to the Azores, drawn back for the funeral of his domineering mother. Manuel seems to have freed himself from his past, but in the remainder of these stories his son, Antonio, tells how his father failed in various businesses in Canada and fell into alcoholism—and how Antonio, his sister and their mother stuck like barnacles to a Manuel who came to resemble his hateful mother. Although the book invites psychological analysis, its originality is anthropological, presented in descriptions of a Portuguese fishing community whose commonplace customs are retained even in a North American city. Yet De Sa has no nostalgia for that fishing village: it was there, after all, that Manuel’s mother felt entitled to put glass in her son’s marriage bed.”
  • Greek rights to Annabel Lyon’s recreation of the relationship between Aristotle and Alexander the Great, THE GOLDEN MEAN, have gone to Livanis Publishing Organization. Now the territories are 13!
  • Us paperback edition of SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE (FLAVIA DE LUCE E IL DELITTO NEL CAMPO DEI CETRIOLI) is headed back to press for the 8th time, bringing its total in trade papaerback print to 147,504 copies.  
  • Elena Forbes in Holland: within two weeks of publication, the pocket edition of DIE WITH ME has reached number 3 on the Dutch bestseller list. You'll see here it's resting happily between Steig Larsson's books.
  • Fabulous Starred Kirkus Review for THE GOLDEN MEAN by Annabel Lyon: as authoritative and compelling as Mary Renault’s renowned novels set in the ancient world. One hopes we may learn more about Lyon’s immeasurably brilliant, unflappably human Aristotle.
  • Here and here is a couple of reviews on BEREFT by Chris Womersley, just published in Australia by Scribe Publishing.
  • Variety on Sundance in Rome: COCKEYED by Ryan Knighton one of four featured projects. To read the full article please click here.
  • Polish rights go to Woloszanki Publishing, for Ryan Knighton’s COCKEYED, a memoir of growing up and going blind.
  • BOXER, BEETLE by Ned Beauman and MR CHARTWELL by Rebecca Hunt (Lutyens & Rubinstein), have been longlisted for the prestigious award Guardian First Book Award 2010. Ten books have been longlisted, only five of which are fiction so we are delighted to have both of them on the list. The previous winners include Zadie Smith, Chris Ware and Jonathan Safran Foer. The shortlist of six books to be announced in late October and the winner will be announced in December.
  • North American rights to Stephen Miller's THE MARTYR'S SONG (The Bukowski Ag.), about a young terrorist’s odyssey across America and the man whose mission it is to stop her, to Kate Miciak at Bantam/Delacorte.
  • Bloomsbury have just been given this quote from the author of EAT, PRAY, LOVE, Elizabeth Gilbert which will make fantastic ammunition: "Emma Forrest is an incredibly gifted writer, who crafted the living daylights out of every sentence in this unforgettable memoir. I can't remember the last time I ever read such a blistering, transfixing story of obsession, heartbreak and slow, stubborn healing." - ELIZABETH GILBERT
  • The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon - Amazing quote by Hilary Mantel, author of Wolf Hall (Winner of the 2009 Man Booker Prize for Fiction): “This quietly ambitious and beautifully achieved novel is one of the most convincing historical novels I have ever read. Lyon makes her reader avid for every detail of this strange world, whether domestic or medical or military, and she has steeped herself in the thinking of the time. She makes her characters entirely solid and real, while respecting their otherness, the distance between us. That is what characterised Mary Renault’s novels, and I think that she would have deeply admired this book. [Lyon’s] judgment is sound and true, and the reader trusts her voice from the first paragraph.
  • The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon - review in The London Times: "On the day that I am to interview Lyon, an e-mail slips into my inbox from none other than the Booker prizewinner Hilary Mantel. It is full of praise for The Golden Mean, calling it a “quietly ambitious and beautifully achieved novel” that is “one of the most convincing historical novels I have ever read”."
    To read Jake Wallis Simons' entire article for The Times, please click here.
  • Author of Cockeyed and C'Mon Papa (Ryan Knighton)  profiled in Vancouver Magazine. As you know, Jodie Foster is set to direct the movie version of Ryan Knighton’s “Cockeyed”. Vancouver Magazine has a great profile of Knighton and the background story to the movie sale. Here’s the link.
  • The Golden Mean on NPR: Everyday Liveliness in Ancient Greece': to hear or read Alan Cheuse's review for NPR's All Things Considered, please click here.

  • Cate Kennedy, author of THE WORLD BENEATH and DARK ROOTS recently won the People’s Choice Award in the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2010. Here some information about the award and more information can be found on Scribe website.